Amber and Miguel’s Dubai Desert Photoshoot: A Dune Sunset

Amber and miguel's desert photoshoot

There is something magical about the powdery dunes of Al Qudra desert in Dubai. Combine that with a spectacular sunset and you get this…. Amber and Miguel’s Dubai Desert Photoshoot: A Sunset In The Dunes. Photo sessions like this really makes my life difficult, having to choose between hundreds of beautiful images proved to be a tough job.

I met Amber a few years ago ┬áduring our interview for Emirates Airlines. Three years later we are both living in Dubai and Amber is still jet setting around the world. Luckily her traveling career did not only leave time for romance but also set the stage for meeting Miguel. Finding an opportunity to catch them both together in Dubai turned out to be a bit difficult, but luckily the “flights” aligned and we managed to create this impromptu visual love story.

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