Mercato Italian Restaurant and Cafe: Breakfast in Dubai


I am all about breakfast! From the moment I wake up I’m looking for something to eat, and it’s safe to say that breakfast cafes in Dubai thrive off of this addiction of mine.  One of my favourite go to’s for breakfast in Dubai is, Mercato Italian Restaurant and Cafe. Why is this one a winner? It’s Italian of course, and conveniently hidden away from the busy streets of Dubai.

I had the opportunity to share this café with one of my Dubai ‘besties’ Louise. From the moment we walked in, we knew we won’t leave without smiles. Mercato has a homey ambiance, with rustic furniture and colourful mosaic tiles. A carefully curated display of imported Italian goodies evokes a feeling of being at a typical country side food market.

The menu is not overwhelmingly packed with options and most of the menu choices are already on display. Options include delicious sandwiches, fresh ‘Caprese’ salads, crispy pizza and sweet delicatessen. I can’t wait to try everything possible, and that is why I keep going back again and again. For breakfast, I would highly recommend that you try the ‘Benedictine’ and the ‘Nutella pancakes’. Round it off with a  strong coffee and you will be good to go. Buon appetito!

Mercato is located in Downtown Dubai, framed by the modernist architecture of Dubai International Financial centre. I gained access through The Ritz Carlton Hotel (easy for taxi pickup and drop off.)

Opening times

Weekdays: 7AM – 6:30PM

weekend: 9AM – 6PM


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