Things to do in Bangkok: Silom Thai Cooking Class


Spices at Silom Cooking School

The first time I visit Bangkok, I was not impressed. Coming from Dubai heat, Bangkok was one of my first 5 destinations to visit with Emirates. Still adjusting to cabin crew life and perhaps a whole new sleeping pattern, or a non-existent one in this case, Bangkok just felt like another HOT and humid city. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to visit again, again and again, to really appreciate what this city stands for… It was with my third visit that I finally managed to attend a traditional Thai cooking class. If you are ever wondering what to do in Bangkok… Why not get your cook on with Silom Thai Cooking classes!


When doing your research on Bangkok, Thai cuisine, especially ‘street food’, is one of the top 5 things to try during your visit. That is why I decided to do a traditional Thai cooking class on one of my layovers. These cooking classes are perfect for a half day activity and a great way to take some of Thailand home with you.


Silom Thai cooking class with market tour


My class started at 1:40 pm. I was told to meet the instructor on the corner of Silom Soi 11. A line of exited people greeted me on arrival and we got divided into smaller groups of about 12 people.

Our instructor, Jay, was hilarious and tried to entertain us in every possible way. He took us on a tour to a local fresh food market and introduced some of the most used produce in Thai cuisine. Each member received a basket (for special effect) to carry some of our ‘ingredients.’ (Do try to visit a street market in Bangkok as this tour does not allow enough time to buy fruit and vegetables for yourself, it is simply included for the ‘look-and-feel.’)

The cooking school is located at  68 Si Lom Soi 13. Bangkok is known to be quite confusing so it was easier being lead there. Hidden between buildings, this little gem greeted us with vibrant spaces and retro decor.


The Dishes


The menu for our class included: Pad Thai, deep-fried spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce, Som Tam (green papaya salad), Masaman curry with chicken and potatoes and sweet sticky rice with mango. We also had the opportunity to make our own coconut milk (A process of squeezing coconut flesh mixed with coconut water) as well as curry paste from scratch. The latter involved a lot of elbow grease and was a good upper-arm workout.


What made this experience unforgettable? 


You get to eat what you cook! Between every dish on the menu you get to enjoy your dish  with your fellow classmates. The entire experience is sociable and a great opportunity to get to know new people.

Before cooking a dish, an introduction is given about the ingredients and techniques. This is done on a beautiful carpet with vibrant displays. Preparation is very hands-on and every student gets an opportunity to help.


The technical details


I booked my course through This website has a variety of cooking classes available all over Asia.  Every class has a short description, a weekly menu and the function to book and pay online! You can read through reviews and browse through popular locations before making a decision.

You can also book directly on the Silom Thai Cooking Class website:

Classes: 09:00 and 13:40 (4 hour duration)

Price: $29

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