Feast on Wholesome Goodness at Zahr El-Laymoun Dubai

Lebanese cuisine at Zahr el-Laymoun


I recently had to say goodbye to a friend I made during my move to Dubai. Like all occasions, happy and sad, this one was to be celebrated over food… With a long line of references, we decided to meet up at Zahr El-Laymoun in Downtown Dubai… With hundreds of restaurants to choose from this one was by far one of the most noteworthy restaurants I have ever been to in Dubai


Why Zahr el-Laymoun?


Zahr El-Laymoun is located inside Souk al Bahar,  just as you cross the bridge from Dubai Mall, making it easy to reach via the Metro. An alfresco seating area overlooks the famous Dubai Fountains ensuring great views and entertainment.  Inside, ample natural light stream through the ‘floor-to-ceiling’ windows complimenting the lush plants draping from the walls. Flowery prints decorate miss matching wooden furniture creating a countryside feeling contrasting against the Middle Eastern style of Souk al Bahar. This restaurant feels like a breath of fresh air in the melting heat of Dubai.

We decided to feast on hot and cold mezze accompanied with a fresh salad and was not disappointed in the abundance of colours and ample flavours scattered over our table. All the ingredients screamed ‘FRESH’ and  every bite was a ‘heath-foodies’ dream.


Try these dishes.


Zahr El-Laymoun salad: Rocca, red fig, grilled halloumi and sesame seeds served with honey and vinegar sauce.

Fattet Zahr El-Laymoun: This is a special take on the traditional eggplant fattet. Toasted bread, grilled eggplant cubes, boiled chick peas, cumin and pomegranate molasses, topped with garlic yogurt, pomegranate seeds and crispy onion.

Chicken and halloumi cheese combination mixed with tomato sauce and fresh cream.


This restaurant is perfect for the shopaholic friends wanting to take a break and get of their feet during a visit to Dubai Mall. I can’t wait to return and try the rest of the mouth-watering salads on the menu. Zahr El-Laymoun also offers an extensive breakfast and main courses for a more formal dining experience.


Business hours: 10 AM to 1 AM
RAMADAN Business hours: Sunset to 1AM


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  1. Melissa colby August 12, 2017

    Such a yummy lunch with you lovely and your blog is amazing! Im loving it so far 🙂


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